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It’s the right thing to do!
Stay connected with your alma matter and other alumni.  Staying in touch with other alumni and networking can help you in your career, make friends in a new city and take part in events with other Spartans.


It helps MSU financially and makes you a donor.
Out of MSU’s $1.8 billion budget only $350 million is from the State of Michigan and that portion is continuing to shrink.  Michigan’s financial woes have been well publicized making MSU virtually a private school.  We all need to have MSU not only survive but prosper.  Your alumni membership, even though small, is huge thanks to our large numbers.


Helps rank MSU as one of the Nations top Universities
The nation’s top universities, as determined by various publications such as Newsweek, Consumer Reports, and others use alumni membership as one of the criteria in their rankings. It is considered an indicator of a graduate’s satisfaction with their university. Having MSU listed as one of the top universities not only gives us great pride but increases the value of our diplomas as well.


There are many tangible, “Thanks for Joining” benefits as well, such as....

  1. Personalized career counseling, resume critiquing, job listings, networking and other career resources.
  1. The “Spartan Legacy program, where Sparty sends children birthday cards and presents up to age 16.
  1. Discounts on many of the events our Club has, such as our golf outings.
  1. 10% discount on items such as souvenirs and apparel at various book stores, as well as discounts to MSU AA events like the Green and White brunch and golf outings
  1. Up to 30% discount on car rentals and thousands of hotels in the US and Europe. 
  2. Free Alumni Magazine, on-line Alumni Directory, MSU eCards and many, many more benefits.